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Dr Ashok Borkar

Dr Ashok Borkar M.D. (Homeopathy) has practised homeopathy in Goa, India since 1991.

Dr Borkar is founder of BlockBusters in homeopathy, a technique designed to overcome the blocks faced in the practice of homeopathy. He is a teacher and consultant physician at The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy, Mumbai and Director of clinical training for The British Institute of Homoeopathy, New Jersey, USA.  

His practise is based on the ‘Organon of philosophy’, ‘The Chronic diseases’ and the teachings of Hahnemann, Burnett, Kent, Boeninghausen, Clarke, Hering and Boger. He is well versed in traditional methods like repertory, materia medica, and keynotes as well as the modern sensation method

Dr Borkar has presented seminars in Hungary, Mexico, Israel and India.

Books by Dr Borkar include: Pathology factor in remedy selection, Block Busters in Homoeopathy 2015, Lesser known rheumatic remedies and Diabetes repertory.

Dr Ashok Borkar: TeamMember
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