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Shilpa Bhouraskar

Shilpa is director of TQFS Academy and author of HomeoQuest Software.

Shilpa has been developing the Stages formula and framework for successful homeopathic practice since the start of her homeopathy journey in 1998.

On graduating as a homeopathic medical doctor from Mumbai, she worked as a homeopathic GP in India for 7 years. As Shilpa moved a lot she had to rebuild her practice from scratch five times in six different cities before moving to Sydney Australia in 2004 where she is based today.

Shilpa has worked with tens of thousands of patients from farmers in rural India to professionals across the globe from the USA, Europe and Australia.

A couple of years after Shilpa moved to Sydney, in 2008, she built the online Argentum Mentoring program where she trained homeopaths, CAM practitioners and integrative medicine doctors on how to build their business using homeopathy through the Stages Outcome framework to engineer their success.

Since then, Shilpa has created the online Academy, TQFS with a team of over 25 world class trainers who are experts in specific homeopathic approaches. The team train over 20,000 members from over 74 countries across the globe via over 100 courses on every type of homeopathy. In the last 12 years, these practitioners  have gone onto impact hundreds of thousands of their own patients with homeopathy in different corners of the globe using a range of tools within the spectrum of homeopathy.

Shilpa's vision is to inspire holistic practitioners to use homeopathy confidently so collectively we can change the way the world perceives homeopathy at grassroots.

Shilpa Bhouraskar: TeamMember
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