Manfred Mueller

Homeopathy for allergy relief

Homeopathy can reverse the immune imbalance that leads to allergic reactions.  Homeopathy can also counter acute allergic reactions to a wide variety of chronic allergic tendencies.  In scientific studies, homeopathic medicines have been shown to be effective to relieve acute attacks of seasonal allergies, hay fever, dermatitis and food allergies. Over time, they can also counter allergic susceptibilities to specific allergens.

Manfred Mueller will present details on how to apply different methods for specific circumstances, drawing from four decades of cases of allergies with clinical homeopathy.

About Manfred

Manfred Mueller MA, DHM, DIHom, RSHom (NA), CCH pioneered The Mueller Method of Homeopathy. He is professor of homeopathic theory and practice at the Homeopathic College and works as a homeopathic clinician at his international clinic. 

Manfred is the author of Freedom From Infectious Diseases The Homeopathic Solution and the Concise Organon and has published articles  on a wide variety of homeopathic topics.

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