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Dion Tabrett

Dion Tabrett MCH, MSc studied at the London College of Homoeopathy, graduating in 1992 with the Licentiate of the College of Homoeopathy (LCH). This was followed up with postgraduate study and the award of Member of the College of Homoeopathy (MCH) in 1994. He then continued studying with the Open University and graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences in 2003 and an MSc in Molecular Biology in 2007. Both of these degrees focused on human anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Dion has run clinics in Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, London and now practises in Bristol. He initially began his teaching career at the London College of Homeopathy in 1994. Since then Dion has gone on to teach undergraduates and postgraduates at various colleges in the UK, Ireland, Istanbul and New York with his easy going and approachable style. A well received Webinar series was presented to locations all over Australia in 2015.

Recently Dion has taken on the job as Clinical Skills and Casework module leader at the Centre of Homeopathic Education BSc course in London. He works closely with Mike Bridger at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol, where they both run the college clinic together.

Dion teaches case analysis methods, anatomy and physiology and works in the college clinic alongside Mike. Mike and Dion co-founded and run the Orion Post-Graduate course, which is one of the longest running and most successful postgraduate courses in the UK.

Dion is a self confessed Compton Burnett geek. A nerd, an anorak of the highest degree and is the author of the book Burnett Rediscovered which was published in the spring of 2017. This book describes Burnett’s work, prescribing style and clinical strategies.

Dion Tabrett: TeamMember
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