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All reasonable attempts have been made to provide accurate and up to date information, but this is not necessarily comprehensive, and information is of a general nature only.  It is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual.


Links from this website are provided for information and convenience only. We cannot accept responsibility for the sites linked to, or the information found therein. A link does not imply an endorsement of a site; likewise, not linking to a particular site does not imply a lack of endorsement. The Society of Homeopaths is not responsible for, does not endorse or approve and accepts no liability in respect of, any information or opinion contained on any third party site (including, without limitation, any liability arising out of any allegation that the content of any third party site infringes any law or the rights of any person or entity.)


We cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to this website, or the sites to which it links. We accept no responsibility for any damages arising from the loss or use of this information. The Society of Homeopaths reserves the right to make this site unavailable at any time or to restrict, refuse or revoke the access rights of any individual or organisation at any time without explanation.


Whilst we have taken reasonable care in compiling this website, The Society of Homeopaths is not responsible for any action taken by any person or organisation, wherever they are based, as a result, direct or otherwise, or information contained in or accessed through this website.

The Society of Homeopaths makes no warranties, representations or undertakings about:

(a) any of the content of this website (including, without limitation, the quality, accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose of such content), or

(b) any content of any other website referred to or accessed by hypertext link through this website (‘third party site’).

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No personal data about an individual using this site will be obtained without their permission. Where any personal information is shown, it is displayed only with prior consent. A log of IP addresses is held for all visitors to the site in cases of suspected security breaches. No other personal data is held on this site. Analytics are used to help accurately estimate the number of visitors to the website and volumes of usage.


Basic information about The Society of Homeopaths is unlikely to change very often and therefore each page will not display a last-modified date. However, modern browsers can provide this information via the ‘Properties’ or ‘Page Info’ tabs.


A full list of contact addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are available. Users are encouraged to use the contact information to point out any errors or inconsistencies on this website.


Every effort has been made to make the content of a website accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with the advice of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative. This includes use of properly coded mark-up language (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS).


If you have any complaints about this website or the information contained within it please contact us. We shall endeavour to respond to complaints within 5 working days.

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