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Online Programme

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Old Masters Series workshops

Workshop 1 - Bönninghausen

17/09/2022 & 18/09/2022 - 14.00-17.15

17/9/2022 - Bönninghausen as a window to clinical efficacy With Karen Allen
18/09/2022 - Bönninghausen and Frei: Clinical Strengths of Polarity Analysis
With Tim Shannon

Workshop 2 - Burnett, Boger, Boericke

1/10/2022 - 09.00-17.45

The Work of Burnett with Dion Tabrett
Boger’s key to success with Dr Ashok Borkar
Understanding Boericke - between the lines and it's clinical application with Dr Gajanan Dhanipkar

Workshop 3 - Kent

22/10/2022 - 09.30-12.45

Kent – Will & Understanding, Mirror & Magnet With David Mundy FSHom

Workshop 4 - Selecting the best approach

12/11/2022 & 13/11/2022 - 09.30-11.30

Selecting the best Old Masters approach for maximising your success with patients with Shilpa Bhouraskar

The Society reserves the right to amend the summit programme and to refuse admission to all of its seminars and conferences and to cancel any event where necessary

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