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David Lilley was born into a homeopathic family in Leeds, Yorkshire, in 1940. His father, William Henry Lilley, was a renowned psychic healer and also a homeopathic practitioner and chiropractor. In 1949, the family emigrated to South Africa. David studied medicine at the University of Pretoria, qualifying in 1962. He spent three years at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and obtained his MFHom qualification in 1965. The following year, he completed his training in osteopathy at the London College of Osteopathy.

Returning to South Africa, he joined his father and has practised as a homeopath and osteopath for the past 55 years. In 1995, he founded the South African Faculty of Homeopathy to provide homeopathic education for medical doctors and acted as Dean until 2012.

Since 1999, David has lectured widely in the UK and also internationally. In his lectures, he weaves together homeopathic art and science, analytical psychology, mythology, symbolism, chakra and colour theory, natural science and spiritual philosophy to provide a rich tapestry of perennial wisdom and knowledge.

In December 2007, David retired from private practice in Pretoria and moved to Cape Town where he currently conducts a small select practice and is devoting his time to writing and lecturing. He has published four titles to date:  Healing the Soul – Volume 1: The Lives of Samuel Hahnemann and William Lilley (2014); The Wolf - A Mythological and Comparative Study (2017); Healing the Soul – Volume 2: The Archetype and the Psyche (2018). His most recent title: The Raven - A Flight through an Archetypal Field will be on sale from Saltire Books, Glasgow in August 2021.  


Born in Pune in 1967, Dr Divya was introduced to homeopathy at the age of seven months, when severe colic was instantly relieved and a looming laparotomy averted.

After graduating as a Gold Medallist from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Dr Divya completed her MD from DKMM Homoeopathic Medical College and went on to complete her residency at Mumbadevi hospital and Bhatia hospital where she also gained ICU experience. Two diagnostic skills were honed in parallel - homeopathic state and simillimum diagnosis and pathological disease diagnosis.

Dr Divya questioned the concept of one pill of a 30 potency and to experience the effect she began proving remedies. Ten new homeopathic remedies have been researched, which today are now being used all over the world.

Her unwavering dedication to her patients, the search for the ‘bull’s eye’ simillimum (the perfect constitutional homeopathic remedy for the patient) is matched by her zeal for teaching all that she knows to the practitioners and students of homeopathy.  For the past 26 years Dr Divya has been teaching homeopathy in India and around the world. 

Dr Divya's evolving methodology in the quest for perfection has one constant: the exploration of the unconscious (automatic neurological circuits) as a controller of disease patterns. This has led her to delve deep into the understanding of neuroscience, physiology and disease origin. The result, the pinnacle of her work is the 'Leap to the Simillimum' method which she practises today.


Dr Mahesh Gandhi is known around the world for his expertise in homeopathy and psychiatry.

He graduated as M.D. (Psychiatry) in Modern Medicine in 1981 and has written a book on Psychiatry, which is very popular amongst undergraduate medical students. Dr Gandhi was an Honorary and Head of the Psychiatry Department in a prestigious medical college in Bombay, but resigned to pursue an interest in homeopathy

Dr Gandhi has been very closely associated with Dr. Rajan Sankaran for about 30 years and is a part of his team.

As a result of his background in Psychiatry, Dr Gandhi has had an opportunity to treat many psychiatric cases providing a tremendous insight into the homeopathic treatment of psychiatry related cases.

Dr Gandhi has delivered seminars on this topic in many parts of the world: USA, Israel, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Yugoslavia (Serbia), South Africa, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, France, Norway, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Hungary and Germany.  He has also been conducting lectures regularly in most of these countries besides teaching in India.

He has spoken about various psychiatric disorders at four homoeopathic international congresses, written six books on this topic and taught and guided Postgraduate studies (D.P.M.) in Psychiatry in Mumbai for a recognised Fellowship course in homeopathy in psychiatry.

He is a senior faculty member in an International Academy for Homeopathy, 'The other song' in Mumbai where students are regularly trained (Indian and International students) in advanced homeopathy courses recognised by the University.

Dr Gandhi has written three books on homeopathy to share his experience, especially in the field of Psychiatry. Personal Evolution Model - The Foundation Book, Anxiety and Panic - a PEM perspective,

Desktop Psychiatry for Homeopaths. His fourth book Ancient Plants - Ancient Wisdom will be published soon.


Elizabeth Adalian has been a practising homeopath for over thirty years. During the course of that time, she worked in the former Yugoslavia after the war there. This experience demonstrated to her that it was not so much the war exposure that affected individuals, but more what they brought to it from their early formative years.

On return to the UK, she applied this concept to her cases with notably transformative results. She has established a reputation for a deep knowledge of material medica - especially the lesser known remedies.  

Since the Grenfell tragedy, she has remained a member of a homeopathic team treating members of that community who have been affected. She has also kept up a blog on her website highlighting the emotional impact of lockdowns as they have taken their toll over the year since their inception. Elizabeth is looking forward to sharing her experiences at the Society Conference.


Born into a homeopathic family, Padmapriya couldn't escape her genes. As a third generation homeopath she began her journey into the homeopathic world by accompanying her father to clinics at a very young age.  The magical cures of various diseases in her father's consultation charmed her to pursue a homeopathic degree.  

Padmapriya also draws wide medical knowledge from various eminent teachers across the globe and has great experience in treating a vast array of diseases both physical and emotional.

She has been practising homeopathy since 2001, following an earlier period clinically assisting her father. Padmapriya practised in Harley Street and Sevenoaks clinic and is now practising from home in Kent. Her scheduled trips to India allow her to manage patients at her hometown in Mumbai.

Padmapriya has delivered seminars on various homeopathy subjects in India and multiple locations in the UK. She has also written articles for homeopathic journals as well as a blog on mental health.


Rix Pyke trained at the Devon School of Homeopathy and the Guild of Homeopaths and started in practise in 1999.

Rix works in Peckham in South London and is part of a collective of therapists who work in Southwark for people to access free or affordable holistic therapies.

After crowdfunding for a yurt tent in a community garden in Peckham, Rix now holds a Homeopathy UK funded community clinic there twice a month.

Homeopathy is a gentle, subtle and intelligent medicine and although Rix's practice is diverse she has worked for 20 years treating people with enduring mental health needs.

Rix teaches Chi Kung and trained as a Craniosacral therapist in the Karuna Institute in Devon in 2017/18.