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Session 1:  Cornelia Maute

Homeopathy for your garden - 8 remedies to make an easy start


The homeopathic treatment of plants is a fairly new field. Cornelia Maute (homeopathic veterinary practitioner, homeopathic plants practitioner) with Christiane Maute (practitioner of classical homeopathy) has researched and worked on the subject for many years.

Cornelia will address how all ornamental and useful plants can be strengthened with self-healing power. The application of homeopathy makes plants more robust and less delicate and susceptible to typical problems like weather damage, injuries, pests, plant diseases and growth disorders.

In her presentation Cornelia will highlight the principles, limits and fields of application, basic rules and dosage modalities with guidance on getting started in your garden. She will also explain how the symptoms of the ‘silent patients’ can be interpreted.

Cornelia will include a little materia medica of the eight most important remedies that could be helpful for a non-toxic plant-care in every household garden: Aconitum, Arnica, Belladonna, Calendula, Cimicifuga, Natrium sulfuricum, Silicea and Sulfur. Remarkable before and after case studies which make clear the trigger and the cause of the symptom will complete her presentation.

About Cornelia

Cornelia was introduced to classical homeopathy as a child. As an adult she joined her mother as a plant homeopath and co-authored their book ‘Homeopathy for Plants’. Cornelia went on to launch a website with online consulting for amateur gardeners and professionals. Cornelia is responsible for customer service as well as delivering individual treatment plans. Cornelia also qualified as an animal homeopath in 2017 and last year published a new book 'Naturgesunde Pflanzen durch Homöopathie'.

Session 1: TeamMember

Cornelia Maute talking about her upcoming lecture

Session 1: Video
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