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Session 2: Camilla Sherr

Treating plants like humans

Camilla has been treating farms and gardens with homeopathy in Tanzania and Israel over the past 10 years. Camilla has converted regular farms into organic farms and treated all the associated problems. During her presentation Camilla will be sharing her successes and failures and the different methodologies of working with plants.

About Camilla

Camilla graduated from the Finnish Institute of Homoeopathy in 1994 and currently works as a homeopath in Finland and Tanzania. Since graduation Camilla has also worked as a Dynamis course teacher and is an Honorary Fellow of the UK based Society of Homeopaths, Co-founder of Homeopathy for Health in Africa and President of the Society of Homoeopaths in Finland. Camilla has lectured in the UK, Israel, USA, Japan, Malta, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Bulgaria. She has also trained doctors in homeopathy in the poor barrios in Honduras.

Session 2: TeamMember

Camilla Sherr talking about her upcoming lecture

Session 2: Video
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