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Session 3: Claire Hattersley

An introduction to biodynamic gardening


Have you ever wondered what biodynamic gardening is all about? Have you heard of Rudolf Steiner but didn’t realise he was the ‘inventor’ of Biodynamics? Have you heard about the horn manure and the compost preparations, but asked yourself; ‘do they work’, ‘how do they work’ and ‘can I use them in my own garden at home?’

In this presentation Claire will be introducing you to the main principles of biodynamics, including the context of its origins and explain how this organic method of growing optimises the health, vitality and resilience of plants and the wider environment. Claire will be showing you how you can easily introduce some of these principles into your own home gardening.

About Claire

Claire is an experienced biodynamic gardener who worked in Weleda’s Demeter certified gardens for over 20 years, growing and processing plant ingredients. Claire has long been on a mission to make this wonderfully holistic approach to gardening more accessible for home gardeners everywhere.

Did you know for example that you can align your seed sowing to the rhythms of the moon, or that you can easily support and enhance your soil’s microbiome? Biodynamic methods offer a wonderfully holistic approach to gardening that will bring more life into your garden, enhancing your fruit, herbs, vegetables… and you!

Session 3: TeamMember
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