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Session 4: Mark Moodie

What can biodynamics and homeopathy learn from each other?

Biodynamic Agriculture and Homeopathy are sister disciplines with much to gain by sharing stories. Although the partnership has been alive since the 1920s and occasionally refreshed in the meantime, the emergence of Agrohomeopathy presents an excellent opportunity for a warm reunion.

Mark Moodie trained with Misha Norland in the 1980s and has since worked in biodynamic agriculture. Mark will present some of the more striking achievements within Biodynamics and suggest a pathway for Agrohomeopathy's development which combines the best of theory and practice from both sisters.

About Mark

Mark left medical school to train with Misha Norland in the 1980s. His search for a science of living beings, ecological repair, and for an answer to the placebo question led him to biodynamic agriculture. His contributions to agriculture can be found at and at

Session 4: TeamMember

Mark Moodie talking about his upcoming lecture

Session 4: Video
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